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Now enjoying 20+ years of existence, BTBJ U has been the place to gather to study Parshat HaShavuah (The weekly Torah reading), Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Sages), Israel, Jewish current events and anything else that sparks our interest. Our class has drawn a core of participants, many of whom have been with us since its inception. We have also welcomed many new students over the years; each year brings its new faces and interests. Therefore, whether you’ve been with us from the start or whether our next class will be your first, you are always warmly welcome to participate in BTBJ U!

In addition to our customary offerings, we are going to introduce 2 new themes this year to our studies…

1) Halacha Li’Maaseh = Practical applications of Jewish Law. The Torah is the source for legislating and promoting Jewish observance. However, the practical application of Jewish law has evolved and been created over many centuries. As we study the weekly parsha, we will explain the way that what we learn in the Torah is practically observed within Jewish law.

2) Al Shlosha Devarim = The world rests on 3 pillars: On Torah, divine service and deeds of love! These words of Rabbi Shimon HaTzaddik that are found in the Talmud in Pirke Avot create a foundation for approaching Jewish life. This prescription will inspire us as our BTBJ Annual Theme this year. As we study and learn, we will see how what we are learning connects to the pursuits of Torah, heavenly service and deeds of love. We hope to be inspired to practice these ideals in the form of mitzvot throughout the year!

So… come explore the dynamic worlds of Judaism with us at BTBJ U! Once you begin, you may find yourself furthering your Jewish identity for years to come!

You can register for the entire program at a cost of $36. OR please come to any individual session of your choosing.

Join Rabbi Grife for the new session of BTBJ University!

Classes start at 7:30pm. Cost: $36 for all classes.

We hope you will register for the entire schedule of classes and programs.

You are also welcome to attend individual classes for which a donation will be appreciated.

Our Schedule of BTBJ U Classes is as follows:

Sept. 17; Nov. 5, 19; Dec. 3, 17; Jan. 14; Feb. 4, 18; March 10, 24; April 21; May 12

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