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Sunday Morning Learner’s Minyan at BTBJ in 5781

Do you ever consider the mitzvah of supporting our community and enabling those who need to say Kaddish to do so? BTBJ is eager to ensure that we have a minyan on Sunday, Monday and Thursday mornings. Please join us at the following Learner’s Minyanim as we pray together as a community.  Come find out more about what we do, how we say it and why. 

“Sundays with the Rabbi”, after Sunday morning minyan at 10:45 am

1. October 25 “What’s in a Hebrew Name I?” –We will take a look at our names, see if they are Biblical or not and discuss their significance. 

2. November 15 “What’s in a Hebrew Name II?”

3. December 6 “The Significance of the Minor/Major Festival of Hanukkah”.  How can we infuse serious significance to Hanukkah besides making it a time of gift-giving? 

4. January 24 “Tu Bishvat: The Jewish New Year for the Trees”.  Learn how we can observe the mitzvah of being “Shomray Adamah: Keepers of the Earth”.

5. February 28 “Judaism & the Grateful Dead”.  I have combined the love of these 2 passions in my life to celebrate community, meaning, music and people and hope. 

6. March 21 “Pesach: The Holiday of Fours & Doors” –If you are a Seder leader we will share some inspiring ideas on how to lead a more meaningful Seder.  If you are a Seder participant we will broaden our knowledge of the Seder ritual. 

7. April 25 “Shir Hadash: Sing unto the Lord a New Song!” – We’ll use our Shiron (songster) “B’kol Echad: With One Voice”, Conservative Judaism’s songster to explore these songs along with the songs of Birkat HaMazon. 


Sat, July 31 2021 22 Av 5781