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Let’s Talk About Mental Health: A Jewish Community Forum

Wednesday, February 16 | 7:00pm ET (6:00pm CT, 5:00pm MT, 4:00pm PT) Register here! Contact Gabrielle for more information


A headshot of a white woman with shoulder length curly brown hair and a white top. She is smiling in front of a blurry outside background - a tree maybe?Sharon Rosenblatt is an accessibility professional working to improve the overall experience by a user with disabilities. With her tendency to be ‘hands on’, Sharon feels that accessibility is a right, and not a ‘nice to have’. She has been a part of the Accessibility Partners team for over twelve years, and specializes in document remediation and web compliance testing. Her efforts have enabled developers and manufacturers to see the tremendous potential that accessibility has not just for users with disabilities, but of all abilities. As a personal and professional passion project, Sharon is a strong advocate for abolishing the stigma of mental health and researching accommodations in the workplace to support a mental health diagnosis, especially in the field of mindful design and usability. With her enthusiasm highlighted in several publications like The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Health Magazine, HealthLine, Fast Company, Information Week, CNN,, and more, Sharon enjoys participating in the constant dialogue between accessibility, mental health, and innovation. Sharon is also an avid runner, and looks forward to her next race that gets her up at the crack of dawn. She’s been known to disregard weather forecasts as long as there is a finisher medal to be obtained.

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Sat, May 25 2024 17 Iyyar 5784