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The mission of Kiruv is to help everyone in our BTBJ community feel welcome and a part of synagogue life, Jews and non-Jews alike. To further that goal, everyone is welcome to all of our events, classes and activities, Jews and non- Jews alike. Together, we can sow the seeds of understanding and inclusion that will promote peace in our community and everywhere. We hope you’ll join us throughout the year to meet new people, learn and enjoy all that BTBJ has to offer!

The word “Kiruv” means to “draw near”. The Conservative movement has adopted this name for its interfaith initiatives which allow interfaith families to join in the life of Conservative Judaism and find a welcoming and satisfying home in a Conservative shul. Here at BTBJ, interfaith families have enjoyed being a part of our preschool and synagogue for many years. They have enjoyed celebrating and expressing their Judaism here and have also supported and served our congregation in many capacities. This year, the Kiruv group is announcing a series of classes and services of interest not only to interfaith families but to the entire congregation. Everyone is cordially invited to join us for all our activities. Together, we hope to further our education, awareness and connections to Judaism and to BTBJ as we strengthen the bonds of our community.


Sat, May 25 2024 17 Iyyar 5784