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Inclusion Specialist

In an effort to support all the needs of our students and families, the BTBJ Religious School has an Inclusion Team composed of the Educational Director, an Inclusion Specialist, and other support staff as needed. The BTBJ Religious School Inclusion Specialist serves three main roles in our community. First, the Inclusion Specialist supports the Educational Director with establishing lines of communication with families with students with disabilities and special needs and creating strategies to meet those needs within our Religious School.  If a child receives aids or services in the general education setting, the inclusion team reviews assessments and plans and discusses how to use the information to provide appropriate accommodations and modifications.  Secondly, they support the Educational Director, faculty and staff of the Religious School by identifying key ways in which we can continue to make our BTBJ Religious School programs and events inclusive and accessible. Finally, the Inclusion Specialist facilitates communication between faculty, clergy, and administration to ensure that our families’ needs are met within our broader BTBJ community.

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