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BTBJ’s annual theme for 5781 is:

olam chesed yibaneh,” Psalm 89:3.

The words which are typically translated as,

“God’s steadfast love is confirmed forever.”

Motivated by Love of God | My Jewish Learning

This verse offers us a deep message of comfort in a time when it feels that our world has been turned upside down—whether by global pandemic, centuries of systemic racism, or hate that has divided our country and communities. This year we will delve deeply into this verse—as well as other related texts, values and traditions—to help us emerge from this difficult moment in our history. Olam Hesed Yibaneh—may these words instill in us a message of comfort and may they inspire us to rebuild our world focusing on love, compassion, and kindness. 

Sun, October 17 2021 11 Cheshvan 5782