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Btzelem Elohim

BTBJ’s Annual Theme for 5782 

In Bereshit 1:27 we learn that “God created the human beings in [the divine] image, creating [them] in the image of God”—btzelem Elohim. How beautiful would the world be if we remembered with every conversation, every interaction—especially those that are most difficult—that both we and they each bare a likeness to God. When we look around at our world today, we can see the ways in which individuals or entire groups of people might be judged or even dismissed. By reminding ourselves that we each contain a holy spark of divinity, and by listening to one another’s stories, we can bring more goodness and godliness into our world. This year we will begin to shed light on the diversity of our BTBJ community, the greater Jewish community, and on humanity, so that (in the words of Rabbi  Arthur Green), we can “imitate the ever-giving source of life [that] calls forth in us an unceasing flow of love, generosity of spirit, and full acceptance, both of ourselves and of all God’s creatures.”

Congregational Learning Committee

Sarah Ghosh, Chair

Marla Sones, Chair

Alan Blumenthal  

Lori Chiara

Michael Dvorak

Paula Dvorak

Rabbi Roni Handler

Valarie Hurwitz

Amy Wine

Congregational Learning Committee will meet  every second Thursday of the month, at 7:00 pm (unless noted): 1/13, 2/10, 3/10, 4/19 (Tuesday), 5/12, 6/9. New members are encouraged to join.



Sun, June 26 2022 27 Sivan 5782