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The world rests on 3 pillars: On Torah, on divine service and on deeds of loving-kindness.

BTBJ’s annual theme for 5780 is a line from the Talmud, from Pirke Avot 1:2…

Shimon HaTzadik (the Righteous) said…The world rests on 3 pillars:  On Torah, on divine service and on deeds of loving-kindness.

In order to encourage us to travel further down the road of Torah, we are instituting the “Chai Club” for the upcoming year.  By exploring these pursuits we are building meaningful lives for ourselves and for others. We are inviting one and all to commit themselves to attending 18 services, classes, Tzedakah opportunities and performing more mitzvot of loving kindness over the course of 5780, perhaps 6 dedicated to each calling of Torah, divine service and loving acts.  There is a vast spectrum of ways to do this.  Attend a shiva minyan, a Shabbat service, an adult class with BTBJ U or one of the many other offerings by the congregational learning committee and BTBJ, or get involved with a Tzedakah initiative.  Before the next summer recess, we will recognize and honor those who have participated in the Chai Challenge and say “Yasher Koach” to all of us who have striven to grow Judaically, thereby strengthening our community with all we have learned and done.  We invite all of you to commit to taking the “Chai Club Challenge” for the benefit of all!

The world rests on the pillars of Torah, divine service and deeds of loving kindness. May our community rest on and be fortified by all that we do to bring more help, love and peace to each other!

Thu, July 16 2020 24 Tammuz 5780