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The committee’s goal is to post the Job on the RA website by October 1, 2021.

At that point, as resumes are received, there will be three rounds of interviews.

Round #1:  Introductory screening of candidates.  These 20-30 minute interviews will be run by 2-3 members of the committee on Zoom.  The goal of this brief call is to connect with the candidate and to eliminate those who are clearly outside the parameters of your congregation’s priorities.

Round #2:  An hour-long zoom interview is an initial way of determining whether a candidate should be invited to your community for a personal interview and avoids travel expenses. This interview will be limited in length, about one hour. This is an opportunity to determine if the candidate’s general background and experience match your congregation’s major priorities. The goal is to determine whether you connect with the candidate and they merit an in-person interview.

Round #3:  In-person interviews will be at least 2 hours in length.  the goal is to determine the candidate with the best qualifications, personality, and vision to serve your specific congregation at this specific time. The best way to do this is by using questions based on the Role of the Rabbi.

Round #4:  An individual weekend visit by each of the top candidates and their families will be the final round and an opportunity for more community participation.  The candidates will get an opportunity to visit and meet our entire congregation.  They may visit and interact with our ECC and religious school children and faculty, run adult classes, lead Friday night and Saturday morning shabbat services, Havdalah, meet and greet our congregation at a Shabbat dinner, and take time for a question and answer period.

All members will be welcome to these events and will have the opportunity to answer surveys in regards to their experience and opinions about the candidate.

Thu, August 11 2022 14 Av 5782