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Our first crucial step is a robust outreach to the congregation to fully understand who we are as a community, what we want to be and what we want in a Rabbi. We want to take this very important opportunity for self-reflection to examine our past, present and future.

Included in the posting of the position is a “Congregational Questionnaire.”  The Questionnaire has many sections and is quite lengthy.  It includes basic facts about our congregation and our building.  It also includes many thought provoking questions about our history, who we are as a community, our ECC, religious school, services, and our strengths and hurdles that we face today and moving forward. I call it a window into the soul of BTBJ.  This questionnaire can be reviewed by any potential applicant to learn about our community and determine if he or she thinks they are good fit.

The Rabbinic Search committee will be disciplined, honest, and intentional in seeking the most accurate picture of the synagogue, but we cannot paint this picture alone. To reach a consensus from across the entire spectrum of our congregation, we absolutely need your help. Your participation is essential.

The committee will be gathering information in two ways.  First, everyone in our synagogue thirteen and older is invited to complete a Rabbi Search survey.  After the survey is complete, the committee will be running a series of focus groups to gather even more detailed information.

Sat, September 30 2023 15 Tishrei 5784